2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review Collage

As 2023 comes to a close, take a look back on the top 23 stories of 2023 in the School of Engineering. We analyzed social media metrics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, and Threads and looked at reach and engagement. In addition, we included website pageviews and prominent media mentions. The compilation below represents the 23 most impactful stories in the School of Engineering during 2023 organized into four categories: faculty awards, student awards, news, and research.    

Faculty Awards

Student Awards

Kiara Lee will graduate with a doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering and a master’s degree in Global Public health, which she earned through the Open Graduate Education Program. Her dissertation, Leveraging Biotransport Mechanisms in the Design of Technologies to Improve Access to Blood-Based Diagnostics, was selected for the Joukowsky Prize in the life sciences.

News Stories