Brown Engineering stresses the basic scientific principles that underlie present and future engineering practice. Emphasis is placed on mathematics, basic physical principles and engineering fundamentals. While the focus is on applied science rather than technical training, most Brown undergraduates also gain valuable technical experience through independent study and close relationships with research faculty.

Here is a listing of all engineering courses offered during the current academic year.

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Science, Technology, and Society

The courses listed below are from Science, Technology, and Society (STS), and may be of interest to engineering students. STS examines the processes of scientific discovery and the establishment of scientific policies and systems of belief from historical, philosophical, anthropological, and sociological perspectives. The courses do not meet any engineering requirements, and students should consult with their concentration advisor about specific program questions. 

Here is a complete listing of all Science, Technology, and Society (STS) courses.

Science, Technology, and Society Courses

Course Number Title
ANTH 1112 Anthropology of Climate Change
ANTH 1120 People + Cultures of Americas
ANTH 1224 Human Trafficking
ANTH 1242 Bioethics and Culture
BIOL 0190P Pride/Prej Dev of Sci Theories
APMA 0110 FYS in Data Science
APMA 1910 Race and Gender in the Scientific Community