Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs)

Kareen Coulombe and Joy Aso
Joy Aso ’19 (biomedical engineering) presented a poster titled, “Engineering Collagen Microfibers for Cardiac Regeneration.” Assistant Professor Kareen Coulombe mentored Aso, who was supported with an Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award.

Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs) support Brown students collaborating with Brown faculty on research and teaching projects during the summer or the academic year. Named for the dean who launched the program in the 1980s, UTRAs provide students with valuable academic experience that prepares them for graduate study and that contributes directly to course development at Brown. For more information on UTRAs, including application deadlines and answers to common questions please visit the UTRA site.

Students interested in the UTRA program are encouraged to reach out to faculty members to discuss potential projects and the applications process.

Project Title Faculty Advisor Term
Power Modeling of Processing-in-memory Systems for Concurrent Computing Iris Bahar Summer 2018
Artifact Removal from Local Field Potential Recordings during Deep Brain Stimulation David Borton Summer 2019
Implementation of Radio-Based Positioning System for Quadcopter Drones Allan Bower Summer 2019
Alignment of Cardiomyocytes in Engineered Tissue Through Biophysical Growth Cues Kareen Coulombe Summer 2019
Optimizing PAMPS-LA Polymer Chain Size for Gadolinium-Oxide Nanoparticle MRI Contrast Agents for Detecting Glioma Vicki Colvin Summer 2019
Antibody Internalization in Mammalian Cells Eric Darling Summer 2018
Development of a Robotic Arm for Nano-Spacecraft Rick Fleeter Summer 2019
Rapid-Prototyping of Microfluidic Channels with Application to Taylor Dispersion Dan Harris Summer 2019
Inter-layer Adhesion Energies of 2D Nanomaterials Robert Hurt Summer 2019
Optical Engineering and Characterization of Novel Scintillating Deterctors for X-Ray Medical Imaging Angus Kingon Summer 2019
Gold Nanorod-Enhanced Near-Infrared Neural Stiumulation for Photonic Retinal Prosthesis Jonghwan Lee Summer 2018
Test and Optimization of High-Throughput OCT Assessment of Cellular Viability Using Liver Tumor Spheroids Jonghwan Lee Summer 2018
Innovations Based on Conductive Polymers: Design, Synthesis, Characterization, and Testing of a Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Network Based Actuator Tayhas Palmore Summer 2019
The Impact of Oxide Content on Cycle Life and Stress Evolution in Silicon-based Composite Electrodes Brian Sheldon Summer 2019
Assembly of Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films for Controlled Delivery of SHP099 Anita Shukla Summer 2018
Characterizing Chromogenic Beta-Lactamase Substrates for Diagnostic Hydrogels Anita Shukla Summer 2018
Infared Laser Pointer and Applications for a True 3D Display Harvey Silverman Summer 2019
Enrichment of JEG-3 Cells by Intrinsic Surface Adhesion Properties  Anubhav Tripathi Summer 2018
Investigating Silk Collagen Hydrogels for Mimicking the Dynamic Phenotypes of the Extracellular Matrix in Cancer Progression Ian Wong Summer 2019
The Effects of Fibrillar Matrix Topography on Cancer Cell Migration Ian Wong Summer 2019