Disk and Print Quotas

Occasionally, one or both sides of BH191 are used for class instruction.  

The current schedule is the background of the login screen in the main lab, so that you can plan your work accordingly.

Disk and Print Quotas

Disk Quotas

Your CIS Network Home Folder is integrated into the Engineering lab systems, so please refer to the CIS Network Home Folder Article.

Print Quotas

Under Pawprints, undergraduates and graduate students receive a $30 credit for printing at the beginning of each academic year. This will cover 600 pages of duplex printing. Until you exceed this credit, printing does not cost you money, as it is covered by this yearly credit. (It does cost the University money, however, so please conserve where you can.) Once you exceed that credit, either by printing in excess of 600 duplex pages or by printing some combination of color and black & white, you will need to use Bear Bucks to print. Printing costs are 7 cents per single sided print, 10 cents for duplex in black and white; 25 cents per single sided print, 40 cents for duplex in color.