NAE Members

Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer.

Brown Engineering Alumni in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

National Academy of EngineeringAcademy membership honors those who have made outstanding contributions to “engineering research, practice, or education, including, where appropriate, significant contributions to the engineering literature,” and to the “pioneering of new and developing fields of technology, making major advancements in traditional fields of engineering, or developing/implementing innovative approaches to engineering education.”

William F. Allen ’41 (elected 1986) 
For creative design and analysis of advanced electric generating stations, and for outstanding leadership of a large, innovative engineering construction company.

Lallit Anand Sc.M. ’72 Ph.D. ’75 (elected 2018)
For contributions to the development of plasticity for engineering technology: theory, experiment, and computation.

Sangeeta Bhatia ’90 (elected 2015)
For tissue engineering and tissue regeneration technologies, stem cell differentiation, and preclinical drug evaluation.

Wai-Fah Chen Ph.D.’66 (elected 1995) 
For contributions to the theories of structural stability and plasticity and their application to structural design.

T. Dixon Dudderar Ph.D.’66 (elected 1992) 
For significant contributions to the development of optical metrology and its applications to packaging of high-performance electronic systems.

George J. Dvorak Ph.D.’69 (elected 1995) 
For contributions to research on metal matrix composites and micromechanics of materials.

Horatio Espinosa Sc.M. '89 Sc.M. '90 Ph.D. '92 (elected 2020)
For contributions bridging nanoscale experimentation and atomistic simulations.

H. David Hibbitt Ph.D. ’72 (elected 2013) 
For creation and development of the ABAQUS finite element code for nonlinear structural analysis and its worldwide dissemination.

Enrique J. Lavernia ’82 (elected 2013) 
For contributions to novel processing of metals and alloys, and for leadership in engineering education.

Chain T. Liu Sc.M.’64 Ph.D.’67 (elected 2004) 
For advancing ordered metallic compounds from the laboratory to practice.

Robert M. McMeeking Ph.D.’75 (elected 2005) 
For contributions to the computational modeling of materials and for the development of codes widely used by industry.

Marc S. Newkirk ’69 (elected 1997) 
For invention and development of novel processes for manufacture of ceramic and metal matrix composites.

Thomas O. Paine’42 (elected 1973)
For leadership in the space program, including Apollo and other missions.

Jean-Yves Parlange Ph.D.’62 (elected 2006)
For fundamental contributions to the formulation of water flow and solute transport in soils and groundwater.

Guruswami Ravichandran Sc.M. ’83 Ph.D. ’87 (elected 2015)
For contributions to mechanics of dynamic deformation, damage, and failure of engineering materials.

Ares J. Rosakis Sc.M.’80 Ph.D.’83 (elected 2011) 
For discovery of intersonic rupture, contributions to understanding dynamic failure, and methods to determine stresses in thin-film structures.

Hratch Gregory Semerjian Sc.M.’68 Ph.D.’72 (elected 2000) 
For developing powerful laser diagnostics of flames, and for providing measurement methods, standards, and data to the chemical and biochemical industry. 

Alan I. Taub ’76 (elected 2006) 
For contributions to the development of innovative electrical materials and automotive technologies, and leadership in the globalization of automotive research.

Walter J. Weber ’56 (elected 1985) 
For expanding wastewater treatment technology by analyzing, evaluating, and clarifying physio-chemical principles of solute separation.

Wei Yang Ph.D. ’85 (elected 2018)
For contributions to multiscale modeling of mechanical failure and reliability, and for leadership in engineering education and research.

Brown Engineering Faculty Members in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

(includes current and emeriti faculty)

#Huajian Gao (elected 2012)
For contributions to micromechanics of thin films and hierarchically structured materials.

#Clyde Briant (elected 2010)
For elucidation of microstructural effects on high-temperature mechanical performance of metals. 

*Linda Abriola (elected 2003)
For advancing knowledge of contaminant fate and transport in groundwater and subsurface systems.

#L.B. Freund (elected 1994) 
For contributions to dynamic fracture mechanics and to the mechanics of dislocations in thin layers. 

*#Rodney J. Clifton (elected 1989) 
For pioneering research on wave propagation in elastic-plastic materials and on response of materials subject to ultra high deformation rates. 

*Current Active School of Engineering Faculty  
#Emeriti School of Engineering Faculty