Student Events

Reserve space, promote your student organization event on the digital signage display, on the website calendar, and with a broader audience of engineering students.

Reserve a Room

Reserving a Classroom in Barus and Holley

Over 13 classrooms are available in Barus and Holley for reservation in 25Live, Brown University's web-based scheduling interface. Any student group that is registered with the Student Activities Office (SAO) can submit requests for events, such as study group meetings, student organization meetings, or student events. Teaching assistants may request university spaces for office hours. 

The event form asks if food and alcohol will be served at the event. lf alcohol is involved, the student group must have approval from the Student Activities Office.

If you have any questions, please refer to Brown's 25Live Helpful Tips and Frequently Asked Questions.

Location Capacity
Barus & Holley Room 141 49
Barus & Holley Room 153 45
Barus & Holley Room 155 36
Barus & Holley Room 157 38
Barus & Holley Room 158 48
Barus & Holley Room 159 37
Barus & Holley Room 160 32
Barus & Holley Room 161 38
Barus & Holley Room 163 34
Barus & Holley Room 165 35
Barus & Holley Room 166 186
Barus & Holley Room 168 140
Barus & Holley Room 190 58
Barus & Holley Room 751 49

Reserving Hazeltine Commons
If you want to reserve Hazeltine Commons for your event, please complete the reservation form. Please email with any questions.  

Reserving Barus and Holley Lobby
Barus and Holley Lobby can be reserved through the Department of Physics.

Catering and Facilities Support

If you are having an event with food, you will need assistance from engineering staff in placing the order with Brown Catering. Please email for help with this.

You may also need assistance from Facilities Management to order tables or chairs, or to request a clean up of the space when your event has finished. These orders should be submitted through (login required). You will need to have funds available in your student organization account to pay for this.

students with liquid nitrogen ice creamPromote Your Event

If you want to promote your event more broadly outside of your organization to others in engineering, there are three main avenues - digital signage, website calendar, and an email to engineering students. 

Please email with your event details (event title, sponsoring organization(s), date, time, location, audience, and registration information). Members of the student affairs and communications teams will receive this email and can assist you with any questions.  

Create Digital Signage

There are three digital signage systems available for Engineering-affiliated student organizations: the ERC Commons, the BH Lobby, and the 3rd floor of BH (administrative offices). Please email your slide to: Members of the student affairs and communications teams will receive this email and can assist you with any questions.  

To create content:

  • The digital signs in the School of Engineering have a 16:9 landscape ratio, so it’s best to design for that size. For example, 1920x1080 is a good pixel size. It is preferred that you provide your slide as either a PowerPoint or Google slide, and allow SoE Communications to save it as a .jpg for uploading. Minor edits and proper sizing can be made more easily this way, avoiding back-and-forth emailing of large files
  • Remember that your slide will show for ten seconds, before scrolling to the next slide, so keep these four W’s in mind: who, what, where, when. Remember, succinct is best.
  • For more detailed guidance on creating engaging content, see the Brown OIT article Tips for Designing and Managing Digital Signage Systems
  • Give your file a meaningful file name, such as SHPEandsalsa9.22 or SWEGingerbread12.4. ← with the date of the actual event or when the slide should be removed from the system.

Helpful Hints: Setting the Aspect Ratio in Google Slides
Mac and Windows: go to File > Page Setup, and choose the 16:9 ratio.

Helpful Hints: Setting the Aspect Ratio in PowerPoint
Mac: go to File > Page Setup, and choose the 16:9 ratio.
Windows: go to the Design tab and click Page Setup or Slide Size (depending on version), then 16:9.