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School of Engineering Logo Samples
Horizontal and vertical orientation (examples above for demonstration only)

The School of Engineering logo suite conveys the academic excellence of Brown University. The logo is offered in both horizontal and vertical orientation, in full color and black and white iterations. We encourage all students, staff, and faculty to adhere to the logo usage guide.

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School of Engineering Logo Variations


These colors make up the School of Engineering primary identity. To ensure consistency, these colors may not be lightened except as indicated. Please ensure that the correct color references are used at all times.

Color Name Hex Value RGB Value
red Red #C00404 192, 4, 4
brown Brown #4E3629 78, 54, 41
white White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
gray Yellow #FFC72C 255, 199, 44
gray Gray #98A4AE 152, 164, 174


Whenever possible, it’s best to maintain a font size of no less than 16pt. Remember to maintain optimal legibility by ensuring sufficient contrast between text and background. Fonts may be downloaded via the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.


Minion Pro is the primary serif typeface for Brown University headline text. Georgia may be used as a web-friendly substitute if necessary, and in digital outputs like slide decks.


Freight Sans and Gotham Narrow are the sans serif typefaces, although Arial may be used for desktop publishing and web or other digital interfaces.