Event Guidelines

Policy Coverage, Definitions, and Exceptions:

Engineering events broadly include those where support from the event planner is requested and budget approval is required. This typically includes student affairs events (Grad Visit Day, honors symposium, etc.), community events (holiday party, summer bbq), and external conferences. 

Those events that fall outside the scope of this are weekly faculty seminars, student group events, and events without a budget. Those exceptions are noted in the guidelines.  

Overall Event Guidelines

  1. Events requesting support should submit an event intake form at least three weeks (15 business days) prior to the event

    1. Three weeks is the minimum, but it is suggested (and preferred) that events are submitted 1-2 months in advance whenever possible 
    2. If the event intake form is not submitted by the three-week deadline, it will likely not be able to receive school event support. However, it will still need budget approval by Nancy Carroll to proceed.
  2. Events need a sponsor/lead

    1. Sponsors include members of the senior leadership team, deans, managers/directors, and faculty (professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and professors of the practice).
    2. Event requestors who are not sponsors should contact Nancy Carroll to propose / get approval for community events or Celinda Kofron for student events
    3. Sponsor (or designee) attends all planning meetings with event planner
    4. Sponsor (or designee) is responsible for getting staffing for the event
    5. Sponsor (or designee) is present for event and helps staff and manage it (as the events planner will periodically not be in attendance due to remote work) 
  3. Student Group events with an audience of over 50 people

    1. Student group events with an expected large turnout should notify the faculty advisor and administrative coordinator or manager of administrative support. The event planner should be contacted if event promotion is requested.
    2. Student group events will be executed by the student groups with advice and guidance from the faculty advisor and support of the administrative staff
  4. Events must have budget approval 

    1. Event budgets must be approved by Nancy Carroll
    2. Student group event budgets are approved at the beginning of the year; events should be done in consultation with faculty advisor
  5. Events with no budget required

    1. If event promotion is desired, an event intake form should be submitted. 
  6. Events planned and executed without the Communications and Events Team

    1. Planning, logistics, and staffing is handled by the sponsor (or designee)
    2. Budget approval is still necessary
    3. Event planner may assist with event promotion as time permits 


Best practices

  • Event intake form is submitted 1-2 months in advance
  • Consultation is held between sponsor (or designee) and event planner to review event goals, audience, promotion, etc. and develop a plan
  • Details for event are finalized three weeks out
  • No changes to food, facilities, media services are made two weeks prior to event (to avoid late/rush charges)