The procedures for reserving and using the room, as well as the policies to be used in making scheduling decisions are described below.  

B&H 190


58 people


Seminar Room 190 includes overhead, computer, and slide projectors as well as the appropriate screens and a white board.  There is also a kitchenette adjoining the room.


  • To request a reservation of Room 190 for a single event, please fill in the information requested on the Reservation Form. Confirmation is subject to change based on the scheduling guidelines outlined below.
  • To request a reservation of Room 190 for a regularly scheduled series of seminars, please fill in the information requested on the Reservation Form. Guidelines used in deciding between competing requests include those mentioned under 'Scheduling Guidelines' below. An attempt is also made to share the resource among the various research groups. Confirmation is subject to change based on the scheduling guidelines outlined below. 
  • If you have any questions, please email


  • No food or drinks are allowed in Room 190. You may use the kitchenette or Barus and Holley lobby to set  up refreshments. Attendees of your event are welcome to take their food and drinks onto the terrace off of Room 190 or any corridor in the addition, as well as the lobby of Barus and Holley. Please be sure that if you plan on serving any food, you make suitable arrangements to clean up afterwards. No food or drink may be left in the kitchenette (refrigerator, counter, cabinets) after your meeting. 
  • No regularly scheduled classes are to be held in this room. Seminar Room 190 is intended for site visits, meetings, seminars, and other similar activities.  

Scheduling Guidelines:

Seminar Room 190 is intended to meet the longstanding needs of the School of Engineering and the Department of Physics for a state-of-the-art room to host seminars, colloquia, mini-conferences, and site visits. Furthermore, the Seminar Room is available for use by other departments, campus-wide, when not being used by Engineering and Physics.

To fulfill the intended purposes it will be necessary to schedule the use of the room thoughtfully and to have guidelines and mechanisms in place for resolving scheduling conflicts. As a first step in minimizing scheduling conflicts, users of Room 190 are asked to book only for those times for which there is a very high likelihood that the planned activity will take place and to release the scheduled time as soon as it is known that a scheduled activity will not take place. Secondly, users reserving Room 190 should also understand that there may be times when they will be asked to reschedule or relocate their activity because the room is needed for another activity that is regarded as having higher priority. For example, regularly scheduled research seminars may have to be moved to accommodate an unanticipated need for a location to host a visiting team making a site visit. If scheduling conflicts arise that cannot readily be resolved to the satisfaction of the users involved, then these conflicts will be referred to the Dean of Engineering who, in consultation with the chairs of the departments with competing claims, will make the final decision. 

In responding to a request for a reservation, priority will be given to day-long events involving many participants from off campus because of the difficulty of finding suitable space for such events. Research seminars, including regularly scheduled seminars, are expected to account for much of the use of Room 190. Such additional considerations as the anticipated size of the audience and whether or not the availability of the kitchenette is important can be expected to influence scheduling decisions.