Employee of the Quarter

Established in 2008, the Employee of the Quarter award recognizes a staff member for specific accomplishments during a three-month period, and staff are nominated by faculty or other staff members.

Previous Winners:

Quarter Employee
First Quarter, 2008 Barry Breisch, Rich Minogue
Second Quarter, 2008 Estelle Lang
Third Quarter, 2008 Stephanie Gesualdi
Fourth Quarter, 2008 Brian Corkum
First Quarter, 2009 Jeffrey Brown
Second Quarter, 2009 Sandra van Wagoner
Third Quarter, 2009 Robert Sheldon
Fourth Quarter, 2009 Patricia Capece
First Quarter, 2010 Estelle Lang
Second Quarter, 2010 Tina Trahan
Third Quarter, 2010 Victoria Riccitelli
Fourth Quarter, 2010 Prima Hower
First Quarter, 2011 Diane Felber
Second Quarter, 2011 Cheryl Carvalho
Third Quarter, 2011 Holly Dirks
Fourth Quarter, 2011 Paul Waltz
First Quarter, 2012 Sandra van Wagoner
Second Quarter, 2012 Robert Sheldon
Third Quarter, 2012 Richard Minogue
Fourth Quarter, 2012 Jonathan Galli
First Quarter, 2013 Victoria Riccitelli
Second Quarter, 2013 Amy Simmons
Third Quarter, 2013 Nicole Waskiewitz
Fourth Quarter, 2013 Prima Hower
First Quarter, 2014 Weibin Zhang
Second Quarter, 2014 Brian Corkum
Third Quarter, 2014 Debbie Brown
Fourth Quarter, 2014 Stephanie Gesualdi
First Quarter, 2015 Amy Simmons
Second Quarter, 2015 Zachary Saleeba
Third Quarter, 2015 Amy Simmons
Fourth Quarter, 2015 Priscilla Ruscito
First Quarter, 2016 Chantée Weah
Second Quarter, 2016 Carolyn Sherman
Third Quarter, 2016 Peggy Mercurio
Fourth Quarter, 2016 Greg Godino
First Quarter, 2017 Stephanie Gesualdi
Second Quarter, 2017 Kathy DiOrio
Third Quarter, 2017 Diane  Felber
Fourth Quarter, 2017 Beth James
First Quarter, 2018 Agnes Madriaga
Second Quarter, 2018 Allison Walsh
Third Quarter, 2018 David Thurber
Fourth Quarter, 2018 Rita Fitzgerald
First Quarter, 2019 Zachary Saleeba
Second Quarter, 2019 Kathy DiOrio
Third Quarter, 2019 John Shilko
Fourth Quarter, 2019 Beth James
First Quarter, 2020 John Lee
Second Quarter, 2020 Ben Lyons
Third Quarter, 2020 Amy Simmons
Fourth Quarter, 2020 Jerry Zani