Grants and Funding

Students can apply for grants from several on campus sources to help with meeting the costs for creating a design project or launching a new venture.

Innovation GroupThere are several options available to students to help with meeting some of the costs for everything from creating a design project to launching a new venture. Students can apply for grants from many on campus sources to help with exploring their ideas.

Brown Design Workshop (BDW) Maker Grants
These are funds, up to $500, to support individuals or groups of students in design projects not supported elsewhere in the University. In addition to funds, grant recipients get multiple opportunities for monitor and manager feedback, and dedicated storage space.  For more information and to apply, please go to the BDW site.

Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship Grants
Applicants interested in venture creation should look to the Nelson Center, which has several different opportunities available. 

  • Explore Grants - These grants of up to $250 are designed to fund a team’s early discovery work – so that they can better find and validate an unmet need. All venture types are encouraged to apply and have the opportunity to meet with Nelson Center staff to strategize how best to do their “bottom up” research to determine what key assumptions and hypotheses they need to test. 
  • Expand Grants - These grants of up to $2500 are typically used to help a team that has identified an unmet need and is ready to start developing or testing a value proposition or solution to that need. For many teams Expand funding is critical for building a prototype, or some form of a “minimal viable product” that they can test against the problem they’ve identified.
  • Hazeltine Grants - These grants are designed to encourage more engineering students to design and build technology related projects and to support students already doing such projects. Successful applicants will receive between $1000 and $1500 to help them pay for project expenses, engineering mentorship from School of Engineering faculty members Barrett Hazeltine and Chris Bull, and entrepreneurship support from the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship. For more information, please email