Research and Technical Staff

Instructional Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Benjamin Lyons Senior Technical Assistant Prince Lab 212  
Bill Patterson Senior Research Engineer and Distinguished Senior Lecturer Barus & Holley 449 401-863-1449
Zachary Saleeba Research Engineer Engineering Research Center 021/Engineering Research Center 210  
John Shilko Instructional Technical Specialist Prince Lab 211 401-863-2662
George Worth Senior Technical Assistant Prince Lab 212 401-863-2228
Jerry Zani Senior Technical Assistant Prince Lab 210 401-863-9571

IMNI Research and Technical Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
James Carroll Instrument Maker/Machinist   401-863-2575
Hector Garces Research Associate & Research Facility Manager, IMNI Prince Lab 132 401-863-3451
Michael Jibitsky Senior Research Engineer Barus & Holley 614 401-863-1402
Anthony McCormick Senior Research Engineer ERC 021 401-863-3909
Michael Packer J.E.P.I.S. Manager  Prince Lab 215 401-863-2575
Donald Wright Instrument Maker/Machinist   401-863-2575

Research and Technical Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Akram Abbasi Senior Research Associate    
Feven Alemu ARISE Project Coordinator    
Shane Allcroft Research Engineer    
Marjorie Bradley Laboratory Manager   401-863-6773
Alex Dawson-Elli Research software engineer    
Mbyae Diouf Senior Research Associate    
Michael Fan Research Associate    
Aaron Gregoire Research Assistant    
Ronnie Gross UI Software Engineer    
Tasha Kim Research Associate    
Ajay Kumar Research Assistant    
Corrie Mook Project Coordinator    
Petr Moroshkin Senior Research Associate    
Collin Polucha Research Manager    
Rebecca Poncin Research Coordinator    
David M Rosler Senior Research Associate   401-863-6948
Marwa Sallam Senior Research Associate   401-688-6936
Nils Tack Senior Research Associate    
Beth Travers Laboratory Manager   401-863-1874
Daniel Watkins Senior Research Associate    
Matthew Woodcock Senior Research Engineer    
Taeseok Daniel Yang Research Associate Taeseok_Yang@brown,.edu    
Kaela Zaino Project Coordinator