Engineering junior Stevenson awarded Amplify Scholarship from Optica Foundation

Brown junior Chandler Stevenson has been awarded an Amplify Scholarship from the Optica Foundation, supporting Black students and their passion for optics. Ten undergraduate and master’s students are chosen each year for the $7,500 scholarship to support the growth of a global network of Black scientists working in optics and photonics. In addition to helping ease the financial burden of college, it includes the benefit of a one-year membership to Optica, access to mentors, and an invitation to the 2024 Amplify Optics Immersion Program. 

Stevenson is an electrical engineer, with research interests in creating robust optical communication schemes. He works in collaboration with Professor Kimani Toussaint’s PROBE lab and Professor Chris Rose’s World of Bits group at Brown, as well as serving as the Technical Lead of Brown Space Engineering. As a University Meicklejohn Peer Advisor, Stevenson also helps advise a group of first-year students to aid in their navigation of class selection, academic resources and adjustment to life at Brown. He is also currently a teaching assistant for ENGN0040 (Dynamics and Vibrations). 

“Chandler is an exceptional student who has the right balance of intelligence, work ethic, confidence, and humility,” said Toussaint, the Thomas J. Watson, Sr. Professor of Science and Senior Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives in the School of Engineering. “It’s been a real pleasure working with him.”