Inaugural Spirit of Excellence Award Presented to David Mycue

Spirit of Excellence awardDavid Mycue was recently awarded the first Spirit of Excellence Award from Brown's School of Engineering. Mycue, Director of Information Technology, was presented with the inaugural award by Dean Larry Larson.

The Spirit of Excellence Award was created to be given annually to an employee who embraces the vision of the School of Engineering through his or her accomplishments during the previous academic year.

Mycue consistently goes above and beyond in his IT role. He is a planner, a solution-brainstormer, and an innovator. He is more than willing to reach out to partner with CIS and other University units on campus to negotiate successfully on behalf of the School. Continually evaluating the technological landscape and engineering needs, he takes a proactive approach to the question, 'How can we do this better?'. The result is often new solutions that provide a better education and research environment, and a more time- and cost-efficient work environment, while also improving the system reliability and scalability of the School of Engineering.

The Engineering domain, the Engineering VPN, staff data storage, and the Engineering license server are just some of the technologically-improved and lower-cost solutions Mycue has worked to secure for the School. Over the past year, he has guided the most critical and high usage information technology needs of the School to fruition, resulting in cost-reductions and cost-eliminations, all the while improving the technology offerings of the School.

"Since David has joined us, he has proactively moved the School forward in information technology," Dean Larson said. "He does more with the resources we have, and is always proposing enhanced ways to serve the School as it grows. I think this makes him stand out among staff – he is not just doing his job – he is always thinking of the School and how to make things better for all of us."