Fluids and Thermal Sciences Research

Research in the Fluids and Thermal Sciences group focuses on a broad range of disciplines and applications including fundamental fluid dynamics and heat transfer, micro- and nanoscale fluids, complex fluids, biotechnology, acoustics, thermodynamics and energy sciences.

The Fluids and Thermal Sciences (FTS) Group utilizes theoretical, experimental, and computational methodologies to investigate a wide range of fundamental and practical fluid dynamical systems and physical phenomena. Research in the Group typically emphasizes a sound understanding of the underlying fundamentals that govern a particular system or process, but with a vision for broader impacts, industrial applications, and opportunities for commercialization.

Both faculty and students in the Fluids and Thermal Sciences Group come from a diverse set of backgrounds that range from mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical/aerospace engineering, physics, and physical chemistry. The FTS Group is highly collaborative with faculty and researchers from other groups in the School of Engineering, Physics, Biology and Medicine, Evolutionary Biology, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.

For more information, please visit fluids@brown.

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