Electrical and Computer Engineering Research

Electrical and Computer Engineering Research focuses on solid state and quantum electronics, multimedia signal processing, medical imaging, computer vision, speech and image processing, computer architecture, integrated circuit design, communications theory, and wireless communications.

Faculty and students in Electrical and Computer Engineering are engaged in research on advancing the frontiers of the information revolution. They study the interactions of electrons and photons with matter, exploiting their fundamental properties in devices at the nanometer and micrometer scale for electrical and optical applications. Applications range from brain stimulation and signal recording using patterned metal probes, single-photon sources and optical nanoantennas, terahertz communications, quantum transistors, plasmonics, silicon-based photonics and ultrafast optoacoustics. They work on speech processing, computer vision, machine learning, approximate computing, probabilistic computing, VLSI design, reconfigurable and parallel computing and synergies between biological and computational systems.

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